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"If you are looking for the best jewels in Evansville, Tracy Zeller is the place to go.  Not only will you find jewels in the counters... you will find jewels behind the counters; with the most knowledgeable, professional, and friendly employees."

Kim W.


"I'm going to be Mom's favorite!"

Direct quote from a 10 year old young man after purchasing a Great One Divine pendant.


"My name is Zachary Watson and I am a senior at the University of Southern Indiana. I am sending you an email because I wanted to express to you how amazingly spectacular your store, clerks, and overall atmosphere was when I came into your store to buy a gift for my girlfriend. Everyone was so helpful and polite, and I will definitely do my shopping there again in the future. Moreover, when I handed the gift to my girlfriend of eight years (it was for your 23rd birthday on the 23rd of March,) she began to glow like an absolute angel. I got her 4 charms from your store and she loved each and everyone of them more than the last. I knew when I saw her face that I made the right choice of a gift. So, I just wanted to say thank you so much and keep up the exquisite work you do."

P.S. say hello to Buster for me.

Thank You,
Zachary W.

"Hello! My name is Barb. In 2010, I decided to retire after 36 years with Bristol Myers. Plans were made for a reception to be held at work. I had purchased a new outfit, complete with shoes and gem stone jewelry. As I prepared to leave for the reception, a wave of fear washed over me as I thought about standing in front of over 150 people and saying goodbye. How could I do this and not emotionally fall apart? It was at that instant that I removed my necklace and replaced it with my diamond Great One Divine pendant. For the remainder of the day, during all the presentations and accolades, I could feel the warmth of my pendant. I survived that day because of Him, and His presence."

"I have had my Great One Divine pendant for almost two years now and I never take it off! When I have it on, I feel like God is with me and watching over me. Sometimes, when I am having a particularly hard day or I need to calm down, I find that I will hold on to my pendant like a lifeline. It is such a special piece of jewelry, and is my most prized piece of jewelry (other than my wedding rings)."



"HELLO TRACY ZELLER TEAM!!!!! As you know, my fabulous daughters got me a Great One Divine necklace for Christmas!!! Wonder how many Kleenex I used??? ALOT!!! This is the best gift that I have ever received bar none. It is a symbol of hope and faith and blessings! I'm going to be the Zeller poster girl with my necklace!!! I will hopefully be back to get one for each of the girls this year. Thank you!! Cody said you guys were AWSOME - I said "I know".........."

God bless you all!


"Thanks Tracy Zeller. I saved up my money for almost one year to buy my new necklace. And I really really like it. Thanks for the card you sent me."

Kelsey - Age 9