Evanville, IN Jewelry


"It was the right time in my life to ask my girlfriend of 6 years to marry me. I always see Tracy Zeller on “Ask the Expert” and thought she seemed like a nice lady. The first time I walked in the store I was greeted warmly by the sales staff and everything fell into place after that. They were knowledgeable and made my experience easy. If my fiancé wants to know anything about her ring, I know!!! I even know what the 4 C’s are and I learned it all from Tracy Zeller. Thank you everyone at Tracy Zeller Jewelry."

Justin W.


“I can’t say enough about how wonderful our TZj team is! After dating for 8 years, I was ready for a ring but I figured working in jewelry would intimidate my boyfriend (now fiancé). I also thought it would be very hard to be surprised since I work here full time and tend to make it my mission to figure out surprises. But boy was I wrong!

On March 22, he proposed 3,000ft in the air on a hot air balloon! Needless to say I couldn’t wear the ring till we hit the ground due to the fact we still needed to get it insured.  I was so pleased with the ring, proposal, and how TZj helped make it all so memorable and special for us!

The ring was perfect and I admired the fact that I had never even seen it before! Apparently there was a secret operation to get it out of the store undetected. Knowing that my engagement was so special to everyone in the store intensifies my respect and admiration for the whole team and the quality of jewelry we sell. ”

Paige D.